Hello Customers, past present and potential

I wish this would bring cheer and good news, but it is unfortunately not. Today 2nd December 2023, we’ve had to shutdown our entire NED product line, and with that, all NEDs in the field that are with customers indefinitely. If your NED is not already switched off, please switch it off, and unplug from the power and internet connections.
There has been a significant increase in our input costs, a significant increase in the average time we need to spend with each customer for satisfactory set up and configuration, a reduction in capacity in our team members, and therefore quite simply, an unsustainable path for us to keep going.
How long is this for?
At this point, NED is indefinitely closed for all Customers.
What does this mean for Customers?
Your NED has now been rendered inoperable and is no longer applying any smarts to your equipment. This means that NED is not automating any activities for you for solar, batteries, EVs appliances nor cables, based on prices or any other rules. Please revert to manual control of your equipment, as per you prior to your acquiring of your NED. Any Solar Curtailment that may have been in operation at the moment of us decommissioning NED should revert to normal operation on your solar within the hour.
What happens to NED?
It depends on when you bought it. Please see table below for explainer:
Bought on/after 01 November 2023:
Return NED to us, and we will refund you NED and a standard small package AusPost shipping ($10.60) upon all goods being returned to us, and as long as NED is undamaged and boots up. We will inspect and inform you at that time of inspection, and will payback via the same payment method you paid, if possible.
Bought NED prior to 01 November 2023:
Return NED to us, and we will refund a portion of the value of NED + AusPost shipping back to us. It is likely that this will be approximately $100, as long as all components that we supplied, are returned to us in that one package, and are otherwise undamaged and still operable.
Unfortunately, we cannot refund any of the subscription fees paid to date.
What happens to the NED team?
We will disband, but Sam (Founder) will handle the enquiries and returns
How do customers contact NED and Enlightened Group?
Please email info@enlightenedgroup.com.au as our phone number will likely be disconnected / unattended from here on We will attend to your requests as soon as possible. Of course, this may take some time, but please be patient with us.
We thankyou for having entrusted us with your equipment, your bills and your time for us to assist you in your bill reduction, and carbon reduction efforts. We truly appreciate it, and hope that the offer we have for you above shows this.
Kind regards,
Enlightened Group Team