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Our company

enlightened group

enlightened group's origin dates back to 2007 and was first established to provide high quality IT professional services to client organisations. The same high quality ethic can be said to apply today with enlightened group's energy product offerings as we strive to build on the knowledge, skills and experience that we've gathered since then.

Our team

Sam Zacharopoulos

Sam is the company Founder and Director and endeavours to supply great products, great support and a secure online experience. He holds a Bach. Engineering in Telecommunications and Software. He's been known to stay up late, working away....

Priti Joshi

Priti is Co-Founder and Director of Enlightened Group and holds a B. Eng in Telecommunications and Software. She has many years experience in the electricity / utilities industry. She's been known to put family and kids first!

Additional members of the team

There are currently 6 more members of the team, who are currently too shy to put their names up in lights! Nevertheless, we are proud to say on their behalf that, between them, they hold GAICD, MBAs, Electrical Engineering, Program Management, Project Management, Cloud Management, IT Architecture, Software Development skills and more. We're lucky to have them onboard!

Our product

Want to watch ned in action? open up www.ned.net.au/watch-live to see live, the decision-making and results from ned, track prices, solar output, battery status and more